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Suite #201 A, 2 nd Floor, Lina Building, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav.B7, Jakarta
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25 / 10 / 2010
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Sumisansui Mark II – Since 1987
Imported from Sumitomo Chemical, Japan
Used by oil palm nursery since 1987. The only original lay flat tube
Laser perforated holes for durability and uniform water supply
Tube sealed with 2 edge to form wings. This ensures it sits firmly on the ground during irrigation and prevent rolling and twisting
It goes back to original lay flat shape after irrigation
Made from virgin PE materials
Uniform spray height and width along its 100 meter length
Only requires 0.34 liter of water/ minute/ m to achieve optimum operationg pressure 0.8 kg/ cm2
Small horse power engine can be used thus saving diesel fuel cost
Numerous papers have been published in ISP and presented in conferences
Sumisansui with end stopper enhances its performance